What if technology had a heart?

Theon is the intersection of data and healthcare. We enable you to optimize care efficiency and efficacy. Fueled by four care-based modules, Theon brings clarity to the complexities of today’s health care environment.

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Theon’s suite of products is designed to provide meaningful and actionable information. Through an innovative and scalable analytics platform, we empower you with the information you need to make educated decisions. The platform also provides a more efficient system for bi-directional collaboration between all stakeholders in the patient’s care.
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The Results

  • More focus. We work exclusively in improving outcomes for health and life sciences clients. We help improving quality metrics and performance based incentives for physicians, hospitals, payers and employer groups.
  • More resources. We help our clients shift from fragmented and inefficient care management to a structured and coordinated care delivery paradigm, which drives population health management through the delivery of personalized medicine. Our solutions increase the efficiency and effectiveness of case managers and clinicians, while ensuring the optimal patient outcome.
  • More impact. We detect patient deterioration much earlier with greater specificity and sensitivity, resulting in a greater number of early intervention opportunities. Our algorithms eliminate false positives and ensure the right care teams are deployed for meeting patient needs.
  • More tools. Our tools provide the flexibility to respond to new models of care in response to an evolving set of questions that answer to the call for greater efficiency, improved health outcomes and reduced costs. Our powerful rules engine takes population stratification and identification to the next level. Our tools facilitate personalized medicine delivery by helping you change the way healthcare is delivered.